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The Pitch Hub is a social enterprise started in Ghana in November 2017 and made up of seven (7) young Ghanaians with over 15 years
of experience in investment banking, business development, law, journalism, marketing and sales and software development. The
organization was started to equip entrepreneurs with soft skills necessary to create and grow competitive businesses. We
have identified that the Ghanaian entrepreneurial ecosystem faces a unique challenge. This challenge is the inability of entrepreneurs to communicate and articulate their business ideas to take advantage of
funding and support opportunities available both locally and internationally.

We facilitate training sessions for entrepreneurs in the art of business
communication (branding), grant and business proposal writing, business strategy, pitch and sales decks to help prepare them to
access the funds they need for their businesses. We also consult for corporate organizations that are focused on entrepreneurship as their CSR obligation. 
We build and maintain a network of investors and connect entrepreneurs to investors. We also educate and research into available funding options for entrepreneurs both locally and internationally and help entrepreneurs prepare to access these funds.

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