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About Innohub


Innohub is a Business Accelerator and Impact Investment platform, which on one hand, supports Small and Growing Businesses to become sustainable, scalable and investment ready, and on the other hand specialises in creating various missing middle investment vehicles by sponsoring SME-focused funds, sponsoring an Angel Investors Network, among other things. We bridge the gap between SMEs and impact investors.


We Connect. There is great value in creatively building synergies to draw on the strengths of each other. We therefore help entrepreneurs connect good intentions with sound business principles and practices.

We Inspire. We build the confidence in young entrepreneurs and help them believe in the beauty of their entrepreneurial dreams, to go out there and make the desired impact.


We Transform. Humans have an inherent creative ability to transform the world around them. A transformational mind-set is a key ingredient for success in social entrepreneurship and impact investment.


Fundraising support

We support SMEs with high growth potential to access capital from a range of local and international investors.


Growth consulting

We provide services and training to SMEs in line with their business strategies and needs to scale up in a sustainable way.


Market-entry consulting

We help new entrant companies projects as well as new products and services successfully launch and establish local market presence

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