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Word for Today: ATTITUDE

Evans Yeboah | evans.yeboah@socgen.com | 01 September, 2020 12:08 PM

Attitude is a popular word as it is deemed as the best way to describe the manner individuals and groups perceive and approach task/assignments for results.

It is said to be positive attitude when tasks are approached with mindset of getting it done in the best way for the best results.

Negative attitude on the flipside, results from tendency to find fault or excuse and not being positive with the expected outcomes.

Attitude can be organizational, managerial or individual. For success, leadership must aim to have the trinity live a culture of positive attitude.

This will generate positive energy that permeates the organization and the result is success.

The tip for leaders of organizations including businesses, is to build a culture of positive attitude and the ripple effect is success all over.

Note that your attitude determines your direction.

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